November 9, 2022

Day-After-Election Update

Good afternoon, friends and neighbors! I didn't win my election, but no one expected me to. I got 23% of the vote. All things considered, I think that's pretty impressive.

HD 140 is not considered a target district for Democrats. The same can be said for other rural and suburban areas of Missouri. The MO House Democrats have done amazing work throughout our state, but they simply didn't have the resources to allocate to my race. I've heard the same thing from some endorsement groups and potential donors. So, with no campaign manager or dedicated staff, few resources, and a full-time job, I did the best I could!

THANK YOU to the MO House Dems for providing my VoteBuilder and UpBallot access, candidate photo session, and abundant training opportunities. Thank you to the Christian County Democrat Club for hosting me at events and helping me organize fundraisers. Thank you to my AMAZING canvassers and phone bankers, especially Laura, Jahni, Phil, and Sabrina! Thank you to those who went door knocking for the first time; I hope you had a good experience and will be back to help local candidates again. Thank you to all my generous donors, everyone who endorsed me, and everyone who voted for me! The biggest thank-you to Corey, my husband and treasurer, for supporting me every step of the way.

My district had a choice in this election (we can't always say that), and nearly a quarter of the voters chose me. Imagine what we could accomplish with a candidate who campaigned full-time, not just outside of work hours, or if we considered this a race to invest in. We have more power in rural and suburban districts than we realize! Let's continue to build that power and move Missouri forward.

Canvass 8/7