Mo House District 143

Elect Bernadette Holzer

for Missouri State

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Meet Bernadette

Bernadette Holzer is a resident of Elk Creek, MO, and lives with her family on their farm in the beautful southern Missouri Ozarks. Bernadette is dedicated to fighting for the environment, family and humanitarian issues, and the needs of ALL of the wonderful people in her district. Let's work together, to get Bernadette Holzer elected as your next representative! Growing Missouri Together!

Prioritizing The Issues You Care About


Without a safe, sustainable planet to leave to our children, none of the rest of this matters. We must focus on environmental issues, first and foremost.

I will prioritize making this earth a better place on which to live, for our generation, and those that will come after us.

I am an Earth Activist, 🌎 above all.

Cannabis Legalization
Reproductive Rights
Public Safety
Local Control
Fiscal Responsibility
Transparency and Ethics