About Bernadette Holzer

I was born Bernadette Hanks in Minneapolis, in the spring, to parents, Frances and Perry. As direct descendants of Abraham Lincoln, and his mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, our Hanks side of our family has quite an intriguing history!

My father, Perry, was a Marine, and his sister, Penny, is a prominent gospel singer in Georgia. My grandfather Hanks owned his own department store in Minnesota.

My mother was an art teacher, an artist, and now resides in a residential care facility. She acquired her bachelor’s degree at Kentucky State University, and is from West Virginia, as are her two bothers. Frank, her youngest brother, is a petrochemical engineer in Louisiana. Her older brother, Raymond, and my aunt, Delaine, were both Methodist missionaries that lived in Argentina, and traveled the world for many years, helping those in need.

On my mother's side, our cousin Charles, is an avid family historian. The Learmouth family came to the Unites States from Failkirk, Scotland in the 1700’s, to New York, where they changed their name to Larmon.

I grew up in St. Charles, MO., where I attended St. Charles High School. After graduation, I attended Southeast Missouri State University for a time, where I studied music. A few years later, I attended Missouri College in Manchester, MO, where I obtained my license in therapeutic massage. I owned and ran my own day-spa for a time, in Mountain View, Missouri, with my husband and our new baby.

In the summer of 2008, I was diagnosed with a rare nerve disease, called Gullian Barré Syndrome, which rendered me paralyzed and in the hospital, for three months. That eventually lead me to months of physical therapy rehab, and finally, I was able to come back home to my family, though for a time, I was in a wheelchair. I had to re-learn how to walk, use my arms, hands and legs, eat, write, and eventually recovered to the point where I could resume certain “normal” activities. I still struggle with the remnants of the condition, daily, and yet, have learned a new kind of mental strength and appreciation for life. I have come to understand so much more about individuals with immuno-compromising disabilities, in a way I had never thought possible before. I see each and every day as a great gift.

My husband, Johnny Holzer and I, recently celebrated our twentieth anniversary! Johnny comes from a third generation family in Hungary. He attended UMSL in St. Louis, where he recently acquired his BS in Astrophysics, and also finished his Masters Degree in Atmospheric Physics from Whiting at John’s Hopkins. He is active in martial arts, music, archery, unicycling and mountain biking, is a stained glass artist, has raised various breeds of rare poison dart frogs, assists his friend with rare gecko breeding, makes his own archery bows, and has created his own telescopes as part of his study. He is a cooking enthusiast, and has written a family cookbook with recipes from his Hungarian family traditions! He also discovered an exo-planet during his time at University.

My father-in-law, John Holzer, was the Director for Jurisdiction for the Carpenter's Union, Distric Council.

My sister, Kristen, assists me with day to day activities, thanks to Ozark Independent Living. I am eternally grateful that with her (and their) help, I am able to live my life more fully, with her love, kindness, and work! (Assisted in-home living programs are so important to our community!) Kristen (Kittin) is a singer and a forever animal lover, and travels to musical events with me in the summer to help me. She has her own tiny house on our family farm, and loves nature, and her fur babies, Spider, Nyah and Ophelia.

Our daughter, Béla, attended Summersville High School, and is now working on passing her HiSet. She is interested in studying science and music. She had been quite active in our community, and has participated in swim team, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, ballet, dance, piano, singing, music, tumbling, and is a wonderful songwriter and artist. One of her new passions is also archery, which we all love to do together as a family!

My stepdaughter, Chryssi, is a nanny to children with special needs, and is on the waitlist for nursing school. She is an avid cook, creative writer, and her dream is to one day be a dinosaur!

I am also a singer/songwriter, play the rhythm guitar, love reading and writing, traveling to perform music, creating gourd musical instruments and art, cooking, gardening, cultivating, and being a good land steward.

We live in the beautiful southern Missouri Ozarks, on a hay farm, where we have been residents since 1998.

We have five dogs and three cats, and love to watch and feed the birds and the deer on our property.

My hope is to represent you as A People, to include ALL of the people, in this district, by doing what I can to help those in need.

My main concerns are the Environment, Women’s rights, Human Rights issues, Cannabis legalization, LGBT issues, rural issues, agriculture, hunting and logical discussions about gun owner’s rights, helping local fire departments, advocacy for cannabis legalization (for medical, cultivation, and recreational), health care (especially those with disabilities, mental health concerns, nursing home care, child care, and those in general need of community services), Medicare, the economy, education, international affairs, and above all, *Uniting* our Wonderful Community!

Lets Do This…