About Colby Murphy

My name is Colby Murphy and I am running to be your District 10 State Representative. I have had the privilege of calling Saint Joseph my home for over 10 years now and I feel it is time to do my part to give back. My experiences in Saint Joseph, be it from graduating from Missouri Western, to working for some of the best healthcare companies in the State, have helped to shape me into the person I am today.

That person is someone who knows the struggles of daily life for most Saint Joseph citizens. I know them because I have seen or even experienced them myself. I know what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck or to not have medical coverage. I have seen friends struggle to find affordable child care and housing. I’ve watched parents wonder where their child’s next meal is going to come from. I have friends who put their lives on the line everyday by guarding convicted criminals and others who ensure the safety of our streets, just to lose the safetynet for their livelihoods.

All of these issues (and more) I will fight for and will bring to the forefront everyday I walk through those doors into the capitol building in Jefferson City. For the past 14 years (my whole adult life) I have served the public by working in healthcare, working for the Missouri Veterans Commission and working as part of a Medicaid team dedicated to bringing quality care to those who need it most. Vote for me and allow me to continue to work for you to bring life to our voice- a voice that says we demand equality, we demand action, we demand to be heard.