About J. Don Salcedo

My grandparents emigrated to this country soon after the turn of the last century to find a better life than what they had. They cherished their life in America because they were able to pursue the American Dream. But today that American Dream is at risk in Missouri. That is why I am running for the Missouri House.

After I graduated from Northwest Missouri State with a degree in secondary education, I quickly discovered that teacher salaries could not support a family so I was forced to work in the private sector. After a few years, I returned to my first love and taught history and science both at public and Catholic schools.

I then transitioned to working for teacher rights as an NEA organizer, where I spent most of my career. I finished the last 17 years of my career with the Missouri NEA in Jefferson City and chose to retire here.

As a retired NEA organizer, I know how important representation is. If you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re what’s on the menu.That is exactly what has happened in Missouri. I am running to speak up for Missourians who have been ignored for too long by the state legislature. I want to represent people, not special interests. It is time for the system of good old boy cronyism to end. We must reclaim our freedoms and democracy. With your help and support, Missouri can do better!

I have been endorsed by the NEA, Missouri Equity Education Partnership, AFL-CIO and Access Missouri.

I would appreciate your vote on Nov. 8.

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