Working to grow our shared values and create positive change for hard-working Missouri families.
Your Health, or a Profit Opportunity?

While Missouri families make increasingly difficult healthcare decisions in the face of financial ruin, the Republican-led House has left millions of federal dollars on the table meant for expanding healthcare access to Missourians. Their inaction has created sicker communities, higher insurance premiums, and closed hospitals, especially in rural areas.

As your state representative, I’ll join the coalition to expand Medicaid so that no one has to choose between a decent job and their healthcare. By coming together, we can create a fair and comprehensive healthcare system that treats us all as equals and ensures we can stay well.

It's About Education

Every Missouri child should have access to free, quality public education regardless of their zip code. As your representative, I will work to strengthen our public schools and fully fund our commitment to our kids.

I will support universal early childhood education because it's proven to be the best way for us to invest in our future. I also want us to invest more in higher education and workforce training, so people can gain the skills to compete in our economy.

Invest in Workers

A strong economy is one that works for everyone. As your state rep, I’ll fight for our workers who build our economy, and for the wages, benefits, and protections they deserve. I’ll support investments to educate a 21st century workforce.

I’ll support local businesses who provide good jobs and keep our economy growing. And I’ll work to bring in new businesses that offer good jobs. But I’ll always put workers’ interests before the special interests of large corporations.

Safety and Accountability

We need laws to be enforced fairly to protect our people. I support our law enforcement officers and at the same time demand accountability. I support tough sentences for violent criminals while knowing we need to reduce our prison population and reintegrate former prisoners back into society.

I support our innovative treatment courts and diversion programs because they effectively correct and rehabilitate non-violent criminals. I know that the root causes of crime are the same everywhere: a lack of opportunity for education and jobs, together with drug addiction and poverty. Addressing these basic issues is the key to reducing crime.

Drug-Induced Tragedies

Our prescription drug epidemic tragically harms families in every community across Missouri. If we track filled prescriptions for addictive drugs like opioids we could identify and help high-risk users - and save lives. Our current legislators have made us the only state in the entire country without a statewide Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP). I will work to finally pass this lifesaving legislation.

If You Like to Eat, Thank a Farmer

Agriculture is our backbone in Missouri, especially our family farms where many of us grew up. Our local communities used to have a say in how farming was done in our backyards, but the current Republican-led state legislature has passed bills favoring large corporate farms and pushing out family farms.

Recently state Republicans removed local ability to regulate large feeding operations known as CAFOs. Large scale operations can now buy up local farms, abuse the land, and pollute our communities, all without local oversight.

As your state rep, I’ll work to restore local control so ordinary citizens once again have a say in how farming operates in their community.

Hands Off Our Local Control

Government works best when it is closer to the people it serves. I respect and trust our local communities to know the best ways to overcome the challenges they face.

For too long Missouri’s legislature has served special interests and ignored the will of the people on local issues. They have repeatedly preempted local ordinances and ignored local opposition by forcing state-wide votes. I will work to support local control.

Spend Our Money Wisely

Our state’s budget is a moral contract with our citizens. Every year, you pay your tax dollars to maintain and improve our quality of living.

The current legislature has left our schools underfunded and our healthcare costs spiraling along with our tax rates. We’re forced to borrow to pay for our crumbling roads and bridges, while corporations in Missouri receive tax cuts and incentive packages.

We know that prosperity actually does NOT trickle down when we reward corporations. As your state rep, I will carefully guard your tax dollars in Jefferson City. I know that you and your family are the economic drivers for our state, so I will work to invest in improving your lives, rather than lining the pockets of big businesses.

Your Body, Your Decision

Every person has the right to make decisions about their body and their life. People die from childbirth in Missouri far more often than in the rest of the industrialized world, but our legislators continue to pile more burdensome restrictions on reproductive healthcare.

In recent years Missouri’s Republican legislators have passed extreme abortion bans, limiting access to this legal procedure even in cases of rape, incest, or medical need. They have passed legislation to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars for defense against Constitutional challenges, while claiming they don’t have the money for essential items like school transportation.

As your state rep, I will fight for your right to make your own healthcare decisions.

Keep It Clean and Clear

As your state rep, I’ll fight to expose those who hide their donors and distort our politics with dark money.

In 2018, Missourians overwhelmingly voted for Amendment 1, known as CLEAN MO. It capped contributions and limited the way money could move in and out of campaign coffers, and more. But special interests continue to ply loopholes to avoid these laws and increase the influence of dark money.

Instead of implementing the will of the people, Republican legislators say you didn’t know what you were voting for and have forced a ballot measure that would essentially repeal Amendment 1. I believe you knew exactly what you were voting for, and I’ll let you know the source of every penny funding my campaign.


Every year for the past two decades, equality advocates have filed the Missouri Non-Discrimination Act (MONA), only to be blocked by Republican legislators. MONA would extend basic protections to our LGBTQ citizens by adding sexual orientation and gender identity to Missouri’s Human Rights Act.

Missourians currently fear losing their jobs or being denied housing because of who they are and who they love - discrimination that is still completely legal in our state.

Meanwhile, Republican legislators in recent years have also made it easier for employers, landlords, or businesses to discriminate based on race, age, religion, or gender—more so than in any other state.

As your state rep, I will work for the same rights for people regardless of race, religion, gender, age, or sexual orientation.