October 13, 2020

What's at Stake

In his two years as our State Representative, Craig Fishel has done a lot of damage. He has consistently voted to protect entrenched politicians and rich corporations from citizen oversight. His votes have made Missouri’s workers poorer, our air and water dirtier, and our state more dangerous. Here are a few of Fishel’s most harmful decisions.

Votes to Weaken Citizen Oversight

  • Fishel voted to overturn the will of voters and weaken our oversight of government by dismantling the 2018 Clean Missouri nonpartisan redistricting reforms (2019 HJR 48,46,47).
  • Fishel voted to bring a deceptive partisan gerrymandering scheme (Amendment 3) to this November’s ballot (2020 SJR 38 House TAFP Vote).
  • Fishel voted to gut the state’s voter-approved Sunshine Law (2019 HB 445 Amendments [Schroer, Carpenter]; 2019 HR7).
  • Fishel voted to destroy Missouri’s open primary system by making voters choose a political party and register 6 months before primaries in order to vote (2019 HCS HB 26 & 922; Amendment to HB 26-Morgan).
  • Fishel voted to put up barriers for citizens to exercise their right to file initiative petitions. (2019 HCB 10).
  • Fishel voted to disenfranchise more than 200,000 mostly young, elderly, and low-income Missourians by requiring government-issued IDs in order to vote. (2020 HB 1600; 2020 SB 552).

Jeff Munzinger will fight for an ethical government that is accountable to all citizens.

Votes to Weaken Consumer Protections

  • Fishel voted to restrict consumers’ access to the courtroom against big corporations. (2019 SB 7 House Third Read Vote on PART I; 2020 Section 516.099 in HCS SCS SB 662 Product Liability, House Third Read Vote; 2020 SS#2 SCS SB 591 House TAFP Vote).
  • Fishel voted against protecting consumers from potential conflicts of interest by requiring a 2-year waiting period before Public Service Commissioners could be employed by a utility, the entity they regulate on behalf of consumers. (2019 Amendment to HB 160 - McCreery, House Amendment Vote).
  • Fishel voted against tighter limits on foreign ownership of Missouri farmland. (2019 Amendment to SS SB 391-Beck, House Amendment Vote).

Jeff Munzinger will work to protect regular people from corporate corruption.

Votes to make MO Families Poorer

  • Fishel voted to undermine the 2018 voter-approved minimum wage law (2019 HB 763; 2020 HB 1559).
  • Fishel voted to eliminate employee benefits and protections by allowing companies to classify more employees as independent contractors (2019 HCS HB 1137).
  • Fishel voted against Earned Family Medical Leave, even when Missourians are paying for it themselves. (2019 Amendment on HB 126-Walker).
  • Fishel voted against providing appropriate benefits and protections for essential workers such as child care and grocery store employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. (2020 Amendment to SB 725-Beck).
  • Fishel voted to allow utility companies to raise rates on most customers while carving out special discounts for select companies. (2020 HCS SS SB 618 Third Read Vote; 2020 HB 2120 [Utility Infrastructure, Kidd] Gas ISRS, House TAFP Vote).

Jeff Munzinger will foster a win-win economy that benefits both workers and businesses.

Votes to Make our Environment Dirtier

  • Fishel voted to ban local control of high-pollution factory farms (2019 SS SB 391 House TAFP Vote).
  • Fishel voted to halt progress on a multi-state wind energy project already approved by the Public Service Commission. (2020 HB 2033 Third Read Vote).

Jeff Munzinger will restore local control of decisions so we can defend clean water, clean air, and clean energy.

Votes on Guns

  • Fishel voted to allow guns virtually everywhere — hospitals, churches, daycare centers, amusement parks, college campuses, bars, city council meetings, polling places, unattended vehicles, and more
  • Fishel voted to declare all federal firearms laws invalid in Missouri and criminalize law enforcement officers who attempt to enforce them. (2019 Amendment HB 5757-Taylor; 2020 SAPA, HA 4 aa and HA 8 aa to SB 600, Taylor Omnibus Guns Amendment, HB 1638, HB 2099, HB 1901).

Jeff Munzinger will defend 2nd Amendment rights while restoring reasonable background checks and safety training.

Votes Against Reproductive Rights

  • Fishel voted to ban abortion with no exceptions for victims of rape or incest — yet he voted against added funding to reduce Missouri’s high maternal and infant death rates. (2019 HB 10 [.34H, Amendment-Morgan], House Amendment Vote; 2019 HB 10 [.37H, Amendment-Unsicker], House Amendment Vote; 2019 SS HB 126 House TAFP Vote).

Jeff Munzinger will defend your right to make your own health care decisions and access quality care.

Craig Fishel is too extreme for southeast Springfield and Greene County. Craig Fishel does not represent you. Jeff Munzinger will promote common-sense policies that put people first and move Missouri forward!