July 2, 2024

Town Hall meeting for Mark Gray for Missouri House District 139

Please follow the guide below in order to participate leading up to and during the event:

Step 1 - Sign Up

  • After logging in, complete your profile using `mo139` as your Townie Code
  • Click `See Your TownTables`

Step 2 - Add to the Agenda

  • Post your questions/prompts to me (Mark) in the Queue
  • Click `+` to speak on your question or others'
  • Upvote any question to prioritize it in the agenda

Step 3 - Join the live Dialogue

  • At 7pm on the 16th, click to "Join the TownTable" (this button will appear at 7pm)
  • Click the phone icon to join the audio on mute
  • Speak with your host by either a) clicking the link to speak at the table or b) waiting for the topic you elect to speak on to make it to the table.