About Tony Dorsett

Born in southeast Missouri and raised in St. Francois County, Tony Dorsett learned the value of hard work at an early age. Determined to purchase a ten-speed bicycle, Dorsett started delivering newspapers at the age of 13. As a teenager, Dorsett shoveled snow and mowed lawns to save money to buy his first truck. Dorsett also cut firewood and rebuilt pallets for Flat River Glass Company while in high school.

At age 19, Dorsett chose to serve his country as a member of the U.S. Army Reserves. During this time, he garnered an education in trucking and warehousing. Later, Dorsett enlisted in the U.S. Army, attending the Armor School in Fort Knox, KY, where he learned reconnaissance. He was transferred to Fort Benning, GA, where he trained with the 15th U.S. Cavalry. Dorsett returned to Farmington, MO, in 1986 as a battle-tank instructor for the U.S. Army Reserves.

Dorsett’s military experience in transportation led him to a career in commercial trucking. Initially, he drove for Consolidated Freight as a member of Teamsters Local 600. Always a self-starter, Dorsett later purchased his own truck and equipment to serve as an independent contractor. Simultaneously, he opened a diesel repair shop. His small businesses Dorsett Trucking LLC and Dorsett Truck Repair remain open today.

The proud father of Judge Tony Dorsett, father-in-law of Shelly, and grandfather of Lyla and Georgia of Kimmswick, MO, Dorsett has experienced all avenues of healthcare – the good and the bad. He is a resilient survivor of multiple cancers, a life-threatening infection, and an autoimmune disease. He credits the outstanding care provided by the Veterans Administration Hospital and Siteman Cancer Center for his survival.

Dorsett’s challenging medical history reaffirmed his belief in the absolute necessity of affordable, quality healthcare as well as his unwavering love of family. When Dorsett’s inability to work threatened his livelihood, his father stepped in to drive the company truck, while his mother and sister tended to his care. Dorsett eventually returned to work at the astonishment of his doctors, who predicted that he would never work again.

Today, Dorsett looks forward to applying his diverse life experiences, strong work ethic, and core family values to the position of state representative as a strong, new voice in state government, echoing the common-sense solutions of everyday Missourians.