About Cindy Slimp

Cindy grew up in Southeast Kansas and has lived in Missouri for 25 years. She was born in Joplin to a working-class single Mother and has 2 living siblings. Her mother worked in a factory and would fill in part time at a cafe for extra income. In her younger years, her mother would wait until the kids were done eating to make sure their bellies were full. Working families should never have to struggle to put food on the table.

Early in life, Cindy grew up with a deep understanding of income inequality and knew the difference between her family's economic status in comparison to that of her classmates. It was clear to her, even then, that the area a child grows up in and their economic status determined a large part of their future.

Cindy's life experience has given her a much deeper understanding of how policies impact our families beyond the bills in the mailbox. It’s one thing to write healthcare policy, it's a different matter to actually to face hardships with healthcare, housing, unemployment and education systems ourselves. Missouri can do better- we can overcome and create policy that works for the people. There are no limits to what we can accomplish when everyday people come together.

Cindy is the person running for Missouri District 133 who will be honest with you. She will talk with you, not at you or over you, because she cares about your concerns. She wants to know what you want from your representative. She will vote in the best interests of her community; she will never, ever choose the party, donors or lobbyist's vote over the needs of the people.