Mo House District 136

Elect Jeff Munzinger

for Missouri State

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Meet Jeff

Our jobs, schools, health, safety, and security are vital issues for all of us, and the challenges we face are too important to be left in the hands of lobbyists and special interests. I pledge not to take money from large corporations because I'm not controlled by Big Money - I answer to YOU. Please join my campaign to bring real representation and real reform to the Missouri House. Together, we can create a state government that works for all of us!

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Prioritizing The Issues You Care About

Your Health, or a Profit Opportunity?
It's About Education
Invest in Workers
Keep People Safe By Reducing Crime
Drug-Induced Tragedies
If You Like to Eat, Thank a Farmer
Hands Off Our Local Control
Spend Our Money Wisely
Your Body, Your Decision
Keep It Clean and Clear