About Mindi Smith

Mindi Smith, a resident of District 2 for over 40 years and educator in Northwest Missouri for over 25 years, is your candidate for Missouri House District 2, which includes DeKalb, Gentry, Harrison, and Daviess counties.

“Born and raised here, I have seen the needs of local families, especially those who grew up on farms as I did,” said Smith. “I served as a city council member and later as chapter liaison for a Missouri-based children’s charity to help serve my community and now seek to represent Missourians on a much larger scale.”

Smith currently teaches enrichment classes and has worked in several school districts throughout Missouri. A small business owner since 2016, she published a Northwest Missouri newspaper focusing on local events and small-town growth. Smith was previously employed as an estimator, payroll clerk, and office manager with a union contractor for over 15 years.

Smith continues, “I am committed to a better Missouri, where my husband, my children, and I live, just as my family before us did, and many family members still do. This community and this state have given me so much. My priority is to provide opportunity and growth so that our children are motivated to stay and raise their own families here in a thriving rural area.”

Mindi Smith is endorsed by Missouri Women's Leadership Coalition.

“I have known Mindi Smith since she was in high school. She followed a path that was truly her own rather than onethat was defined or influenced by her peers. Her persistence and hardwork was evident even as a high school student. She feels strongly in and is compassionate about causes she believes will better life for the people she represents. She will work hard to make those causes become a reality.”

~Marilou Joyner
NWMSU Board of Regents Chair, former Missouri DESE Division of School Services Assistant Commissioner

”Mindi’s experience as a small business owner and as a long time advocate for rural communities make her a strong candidate for House District 2. I could not think of a better person to represent the people of NWMO than Mindi Smith.”

~Brian J. Myers
St. Joseph City Council At-Large, City Council Finance/Audit Representative