About Kyle Luzynski

I am a proud progressive fighting for progressive values.

I believe you deserve healthcare guaranteed as a human right. I believe you deserve affordable education. I believe you deserve a higher minimum wage. And I believe you deserve a habitable planet to call home, among a host of other progressive priorities.

I am a community organizer.

I got my start in politics believing we deserve a better future, a future worth fighting for. This belief led me to become active in community organizing, from campaigning for increased solar energy adoption to fighting animal cruelty across the Midwest and beyond. I will use my skills as a community organizer to continue mobilizing our community in support of a livable future for all.

I am not your standard politician.

I am a 26-year-old millennial, and I am fighting the status quo. I believe in bold policy solutions that meaningfully improve people’s lives. I believe in challenging corporate greed, and I will not stop fighting until we secure a livable future for all.