About Jessica O'Neal-Slisz


My name is Jessica (O'Neal) Slisz. I was born and raised here in Callaway County. I have many fond memories of swimming in the creek, catching crawdads, playing backyard baseball, and eating some of the best homemade food. Summers were always jam packed with everything from doing chores, helping out the neighbors, and spending time with my cousins. As I got older I started helping more and more with other chores and tasks that is normal with living in the country. In high school I was a member of FFA, FBLA, Spanish club, a cheerleader, drill team member, and more. I volunteered at the Callaway Senior Center meeting so many kind and thoughtful people. I learned new recipes, dance steps, and gained lots of life advice. I worked at the local Tractor Supply all through high school until I started my schooling at Westminster College majoring in Political Science.

While going to Westminster I needed more flexibility with my scheduling so started working at Walgreens. I became a pharmacy technician and that would influence my career in the future. Moving forward I went to work for a third party company that handles Missouri Medicaid. The only way I know how to explain this job is soul crushing. Telling some of our most at risk individuals that their insulin or heart medication could not be covered because a 'formula' said they couldn't have it. After working at this company for 3 years I came home to my husband in tears because my heart was breaking daily at my job, but I knew we needed two incomes. Luckily I was hired on at the University Hospital working with people who cared. This job was tough at times and stressful most of it, but I was actively helping people. I was able to connect with many organizations to help people in need. There are so many good people and groups in our community that are willing to help others. This was so heartwarming for me. Being familiar with these agencies and programs, I will always look for ways to help those in need.

I understand that out here we don't have the same issues as bigger cities. We need the right to our own bodies back, this is why I support bodily autonomy. Being able to support your family on one income should be a given. Bringing back higher paying jobs for an honest days work is imperative. Looking across the field I am reminded of our family farms and the struggles they face daily. Ensuring we are supporting our farms and eating local food is a great way to boost our local economy and keep our hard earned money local. Watching news stories where violence is rampant we often times don't recognize how many times these things are stopped without us knowing because of our law enforcement. Supporting local law enforcement officers and those who keep the felons behind bars is imperative to a safer community. Around here guns are used as a tool, not a weapon. Our natural attractions in our county are pure gems, and we need to support the conservation of these resources, preserving them for future enjoyment, and teaching safety in and out of the wilderness.

I am here for my fellow residents and will always listen to your thoughts. Voting for the people not just the party is what a representative should do. It's what I will do.


Jessica Slisz

Candidate Missouri House of Representatives - District 49

Memberships and Endorsements


  • Callaway County Democrat Club - Member
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) - Local Member
  • National Rifle Association (NRA) - Member
  • Callaway County Democratic Central Committee - Vice Chair


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