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Building Websites that Build Successful Campaigns

Introducing UpBallot: The Easy Website-Builder for State House Candidates

Add custom content to our template to get your professional website up and running—so you can focus on running a successful campaign.

Easy-to-edit pages
No coding needed
Built for candidates
Focus on fundraising
Responsive on mobile
Share Blog Posts
Calendar of Events
Platform issues
Photos & Gallery

The UpBallot Story

When voters engage on the local and state level, the incremental change can have a long-lasting impact on future elections—all the way up to the White House. That's why UpBallot was created: to support the candidates who are working to make change happen from the ground up.

Are you a state committee or individual candidate looking to move the needle in state elections through an improved web presence? Let’s talk about how UpBallot can work for you.

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