May 16, 2022

Infringement of Personal Liberty Run Amok

If the U.S. Supreme Court overturns its decision guaranteeing reproductive rights, and the question is returned to the states, then I predict we can all expect major disruptions in our daily lives.

Many states including Missouri will all but completely ban abortion, but that is only the beginning. With illegality comes consequences. Will Missouri become a police state devoted to controlling everyone’s private sexual behavior, especially women? How else do you think an abortion ban would work?

Anticipating an abortion ban here, Illinois is preparing for the possibility of serving thousands of women from Missouri who will be denied their right to control their own healthcare. In the Missouri General Assembly, Republican leaders are making plans to prosecute women - and virtually anyone else remotely involved - for crossing state lines for an abortion. The forces behind the ban promise to go to great lengths to defend it. In the process they will tread on the rights of all.

Consider that women of child-bearing age could be issued papers and asked to present them at border-crossings (and elsewhere) where they will be questioned regarding their pregnancy status, destination, and purpose for travel. Do you not see it? Banning abortion will be no different than attempting to prohibit the consumption of alcohol – we will simply drive the process underground. As with all else, the affluent will always have access to abortion. The rest of us will have our liberties shredded.