September 10, 2023

You're Making it Difficult for Me to Vote for You

I recently had an unfortunate encounter with an individual from my past professional life. During our conversation, we exchanged pleasantries until they inquired about my current professional role. Seizing the opportunity, I informed them that I had transitioned from that position to pursue a campaign for the Missouri House District 120. Their response was one of surprise and positivity. Interestingly, they revealed that this district was theirs as well.

However, their tone took a turn when they asked about my political affiliation, specifically whether I was running as a Republican. I clarified that I was, in fact, running as a Democrat. It was at this point that they made the statement, "you're making it difficult for me to vote for you."

I must admit, I was caught off guard and didn't have a prepared response. I found it surprising that my party affiliation seemed to be the sole determinant in their willingness to support me, despite our prior professional relationship where I was highly respected. They didn't even inquire about my platform or attempt to find common ground.

While it's natural for people to have differing viewpoints, I sincerely hope that we can delve deeper into the issues and prioritize voting for the candidate we believe is best suited for the job, regardless of their party affiliation.

- Jen Tracy

#avoiceforall #choicechancechange