June 24, 2024

Opponent Dean Plocher Refuses to Eliminate Grocery Sales Tax

The Current Incumbent Representative Dean Plocher used his power as majority floor leader to refuse to allow floor debate or perfection of an effort to eliminate the grocery sales tax of 1.225% . Elimination of this tax is popular among the residents of this district, that they used phone calls and emailed his office. Despite this popularity, Plocher went against the wishes to have this tax removed.

Food is an essential item and people must be able to put food on the table. Other states currently do not charge tax for food and clothing which these states have deemed necessities. While many tax cuts and tax proposals benefit the banks and financial sector as well as big business. These types of tax rates benefit those who are already wealthy and their special interests. It is time that we do something that benefits almost all Missourians who are struggling to make ends meet.