May 18, 2020

Weekly Update May 18, 2020

The House and Senate finished their sessions last Friday with a record low number of bills passed. After we adjourned sine die (with no further business before the body), Representatives traditionally throw their papers in the air to celebrate. Once again this year, most Democrats did not throw their papers into the air because we found very little to celebrate.
Very few bills passed this year. Some bills passed that I am very concerned about:

  • SJR 38, which puts a provision on the ballot to undo Clean Missouri;
  • SB 631, a Covid-related elections bill that I fear is dangerous to democracy;
  • HB 1963, a transportation bill that repeals the requirement that motorcycle riders wear helmets;
  • SB 739, which prohibits Missouri from contracting with any business that engages in a boycott with Israel for any reason.

Of course, not all of the bills were bad. There were several bills that passed which make needed reforms to the foster care system.

Over the coming weeks, I will be digging into the bills that passed this year so you have more information about them.