April 27, 2020

Weekly Update for April 27, 2020

We return to Jefferson City today to finish the budget and any other priorities of the majority party. The picture above is of the House debate on the last day of session in 2017. I expect that we will be in session until the last day, on May 15, and that several bills will be passed. I am told that session will look more like it has in other years than like it did for the supplemental budget. There will not be a limit of people on the House floor, individuals will not be required to wear masks (although they will be available), and social distancing will be difficult at times.

The primary focus of our work will be the budget, which must be completed by May 8. The budget director put forward a House Substitute for the budget bills, which we will be perfecting on April 27 and third reading on April 29. After that, it will go to the Senate for amendments and debate.

While I normally keep an open door policy in my office, I will not during the last 3 weeks of session. Rather than coming to my office, I ask that you e-mail or call. Nancy will not be in the office, and there will not be anyone answering phones. Nancy or I will return voice messages and e-mails, usually within a few hours.

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