June 8, 2020

Weekly Update June 8, 2020


First, I want to congratulate the new City Council members in Webster Groves, the Aldermen in Shrewsbury the Mayor of Crestwood, and the new Affton and Webster Groves school board members. Shrewsbury, Webster Groves, and Crestwood had a combined 22% turnout, and 44% of those were absentee votes. Turnout this year was down significantly from last year's Municipal election.

There is another election coming up in less than 2 months, and everyone will be able to vote by mail. I hope we will have a large turnout. Please know that even though your vote is one among many, it is as important as every other vote. Before mail-in ballots are available, I will have more information for you about how you can vote by mail and who will need to have a ballot notarized. Currently, there is still a case in the Missouri Supreme Court that could determine some of those details.