St. Louis County Ballot Envelope

Make sure you fill in the ballot envelope correctly!

The Election Board has begun sending out ballots! If you vote either by mail-in or absentee ballot, you must return your ballot in this envelope.

Fill in the envelope correctly! There were many votes not counted in the August election because of improperly filled-in ballot envelopes. When you return your ballot, be sure to mark the envelope:

  • Sign the signature box;
  • Check ONE box, either
    • one of the seven reasons for voting absentee,
    • requesting a MAIL-IN ballot.

You may need to:

  • Have your ballot notarized, if the box you check does not say "notary not required"
  • Write in your registered voting address, if that is not where the ballot was mailed
  • Write your name on the long blank line, if you are voting absentee;

In addition, if you are filling in the envelope for another person, you will need to fill in the flap of the envelope.