About Stephanie Hein

Early Life and Schooling

Stephanie Hein has a lifelong devotion to the state of Missouri, its people and its values, that will guide her faithfully as a member of the Missouri General Assembly.

Stephanie was born in southwest Missouri and raised in a family of public educators. Her dad was a middle school principal, her mom was a middle school teacher, and her uncle was a reading recovery teacher while her aunt, founding director for the Missouri Reading Initiative, taught and was an elementary school administrator.

Stephanie is a true product of the region’s public education system. She graduated top of her high school class in Hartville, MO. There, she won state-level science competitions in chemistry and garnered a number of local and national academic honors.

Active in extracurricular activities, Stephanie gained all-state recognition in band and was part of her school’s dance squad. Her first part-time job while at school was working the breakfast shift at a local fast-food restaurant.

Higher Education

Stephanie continued her education at Missouri State University, and received a bachelor of science degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Administration. She later earned a master’s degree in business administration. She now holds a doctorate from the University of Missouri – Columbia in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis.

Professional Life

After graduation, Stephanie started her professional career in the multi-billion-dollar food and beverage industry where she honed her skills in business and finance. It’s also where she would meet her husband, Tony.

The two of them lived together in different cities across the country as their careers progressed. When it came time for their daughters Megan and Emily to start school, they knew it was time to move back to Missouri, and since 2001, the Hein family has proudly called Missouri home.

Following in her family’s footsteps, Stephanie transitioned her career into education. As an experienced teacher, Stephanie was head of Missouri State University’s Department of Hospitality Leadership, where she advocated for providing her students a high return on their education investment. In doing this, she frequently served as a bridge between academia and industry so that her students could have the best employment opportunities possible.

Community Involvement

Stephanie also understands the importance of interacting in community life outside of one's career. She is the past chair of the Springfield Convention and Visitor Bureau Board of Directors, has served on Springfield’s Airport Task Force, and was named one of Springfield’s Influential Women in 2014. Stephanie remains an active member of the Rotary Club of Springfield, which is part of an influential worldwide organization whose creed values truth, fairness, fellowship and service above self.

Both professionally and personally, Stephanie loves working alongside others to achieve the highest-value results for all. In this vein she brings the know-how, compassion and common sense needed to reach the goals of providing economic security, educational opportunity, and quality healthcare access to all Missourians.