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Meet Amy

I'm Amy Thompson and as a progressive Democrat in Franklin County I know what it is like to have my voice ignored by those who are supposed to represent me. If elected, I will be a voice for the unheard citizens of District 119. Whether or not we agree on an issue, I want to understand what is important to you in order to improve the circumstances for us all. I have seen many elections over my past 25 years as a resident of Franklin County where often my choices were the Republican or no one. That is not how we become a strong and vibrant state. My focus for Missouri should I be elected will be to tackle issues that will help everyone such as using all available funding to help maintain and expand healthcare, supporting efforts to give medical decisions back to patients and doctors, putting an end to discriminatory practices which hurt minority groups including the LGBTQ+ community, and protecting our rivers and streams for future generations.

I grew up on a century farm in Iowa. As one of four children raised on a small farm I learned resiliency and respect for natural resources. After graduating from the University of Northern Iowa with a bachelor's degree in education I wanted to see what lay beyond Iowa. For the next six years I first taught and then worked as a nanny. Living in places as diverse as the sandhills of Nebraska where I was sixty miles from a town with a grocery store to Stamford Connecticut where I was 40 miles from New York City gave me the adventures I was seeking. It was a teaching job that brought me to Franklin County where I have lived since 1998. It was here that I met my husband of 18 years, Graden, and have built my life.

Prioritizing The Issues You Care About

Public Safety
Opioid Epidemic
Local Control
Fiscal Responsibility
Reproductive Rights
Transparency and Ethics