October 12, 2022

Amy's Endorsements, Round 4


"Your endorsement has been awarded based on your outstanding pro-equality work for our state, your excitement to represent LGBTQ+ Missourians, and your commitment to LGBTQ+ equality.... We are grateful that we can count on you to be a voice for LGBTQ+ equality in the 140th District and look forward to doing so in Jefferson City."

--Shira Berkowitz, Sr. Director Public Policy and Advocacy, PROMO

Missouri Equity Education Partnership

"We are excited to share that the Missouri Equity Education Partnership Equity Scorecard team has completed the grading process and we are awarding you our highest score: MoEEP Endorsed!... We are excited for the opportunity to work with you in the future to build a more equitable future for Missouri students."

--Ken Susman and Dava-Leigh Brush, Missouri Equity Education Partnership

3.14 Action Fund

"We are delighted by the opportunity to elect a STEM candidate in your race and we look forward to working with you to help win your race."

--Drew Proctor, State Legislative & Municipal Director, 3.14 Action Fund

Elect Good People

"We are building a community that encourages others to vote for good people—up and down the ballot. To us, these are people who truly care about their communities and the people that they serve. We think you fit that bill, and we would like to help you gain support."

--Pam Wagner, Community Lead, Elect Good People

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