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Meet Angelica

Hello, I'm Angelica Earl and I'm an O'Fallon resident. I'm sick and tired of the companies in our area buying up properties but putting nothing back into the community they are moving into. Highway K is a melting pot of corporations that are siphoning money from you, from me, from our neighbors, from our community. They're not paying high enough wages to support the quality of life our area boasts about. Some, like Sonic, didn't even respect our area enough to keep slugs out of their ice machine. This costs us more because they're not paying high enough wages, or taxes, forcing us to foot their bill all the way around. It's crippling us.

The current House Seat is taken by a man who accepts funds from PACs, namely the Oil Industry, which have been price gouging us for too many years. He also shares extremist views on his private social media accounts.

Enough is enough. Please vote for me for MO House. Also, please take a moment to donate so we can reach everyone in our community and let them know that we can start the change Missouri desperately needs.

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Public Safety
Opioid Epidemic
Local Control
Fiscal Responsibility
Reproductive Rights
Transparency and Ethics