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Donovan Meeks, a native of University City, Missouri, emerged as a community leader from a young age, known for his compassionate gestures like releasing ceremonial white doves for significant occasions. Graduating from University City Senior High in 2011, he pursued his passion for justice, earning a degree in Criminal Justice Law Enforcement with a minor in Psychology from the University of Missouri St. Louis in 2017.
At 28, Meeks transitioned into politics, driven by his desire to serve. Now, at 31, he's leading a campaign for state representative in District 86. Central to his platform is reforming the police department, advocating for greater accountability and proactive community engagement. He's also championing improved benefits for first responders and a more efficient educational system while opposing property tax hikes to support working-class families.
Meeks' campaign prioritizes aiding vulnerable members of the community, promising increased funding for home repairs, utility support, and food assistance, with a commitment to inclusivity across all demographics. With a focus on preserving and enhancing his hometown, Donovan Meeks embodies the spirit of service and progress.
We hope to earn your trust in our vision to vote and elect Donovan Meeks as our 2024 Democratic State Representative. We are number one on the ballot.
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Donovan Meeks

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