About Jenna Roberson

Jenna is from Hazelwood, Missouri. She attended Garrett Elementary School and later, she attended Hazelwood West Middle School. Her family relocated to O’Fallon, MO in 1997, where she attended and graduated from Fort Zumwalt South High School. She attended the Summer Scientific Seminar at the Air Force Academy in the summer of 1998 via a selective application program. She studied biology and chemistry at Missouri Baptist University.

Jenna was raised by entrepreneurial parents and she had her first paying job at 6. She worked for her family’s commercial janitorial and floor care company as a teenager and during college. After her father's passing in 2011, she stepped up to become Director of Operations, the position she currently holds.

Jenna became a member of MENSA in 2013 and is currently in good standing with the organization. Jenna and her partner, Chris, just celebrated 10 years together and currently reside in Wentzville.

Jenna believes politicians should be working FOR the people, instead of the party of political grandstanding that has become more and more prevalent throughout the Country, and Missouri. The Missouri State Legislature has unnecessarily spent your taxpayer dollars to fight their constituents in the Courts.

Jenna prides herself on being a patient listener and dedicated leader. Jenna will take that leadership to the House of Representatives in Jefferson City to work for the constituents who voted for her, those that didn’t, and those who did not vote at all. Jenna’s calm demeanor and ability to break the tension with a bit of humor will make her an asset when working across the aisle.