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Meet Jojo

I’m a lifelong Missourian and Ozarkian, and my experiences have shaped me into being a lot of different things: daughter, sister, wife, blogger, avid outdoorswoman, and grassroots organizer. But most importantly, a mom.

Being a mom is what led me to become more engaged with our state government, understand the value of that engagement, and be a part of the change we need. While I’ve always been politically opinionated, it wasn’t until Roe fell in the Supreme Court that those opinions started to become actions through organizing.

As a mom with school-aged children, there is a sense of "forward thinking” that comes with the territory, and that thinking is what makes me look at the very vast issues not only the state has but the ones we have here at home.


Prioritizing The Issues You Care About

Body Autonomy
Transparency and Ethics
Access to health and mental health care
Local Control