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91 days later, on Christmas Day I stood on the dust and shambles, and breathed the air of Ground Zero from September 11th, 2001. It was then I came to realize that our Democracy was much more fragile and susceptible to external and now internal forces intent on destroying this once great country. I want to help restore that pride, imagery and strength once again to our country. And it all starts in the home districts, to the states and the Washington DC.

I grew up watching the Vietnam war on the daily evening news. But now I am a disabled senior who has seen enough, and feel the need to become more involved with our government than ever before. I am not doing this for me. I am doing this for future generations!

Prioritizing The Issues You Care About

Missouri Puppy Mills
Reproductive Rights
Ballot Initiative Protections
Public Safety
Opioid Epidemic
Local Control
Fiscal Responsibility