March 19, 2020

We can't sit on the porch and watch this roll in

Missourians stand on the porch to watch the tornado because we've gone through it before.

But we haven't seen anything like the coronavirus and we can't just watch it roll in. We need to take shelter now.

Yesterday, Missouri Republicans approved $40 million for testing and gear. Of that, only $7 million is coming from the state. The rest is coming from the feds.

Republicans say they don't need to do anything else because Uncle Sam will kick in money for sick leave, Medicaid, and feeding kids who are home from schools.

"(T)his is an appropriate, steady measure to take at this point," said the state's budget chair, Cody Smith, as he sat in his rocking chair, watching the storm.

We cannot just wait for the federal government, but Republicans swatted down measures that would provide money for:

* Mobile testing kids
* County health departments
* Feeding kids home from school
* Extra absentee ballots for upcoming elections
* Small business relief

Why did they swat them down? Because supermajority, that's why.

So here's my ask:

Give Governor Mike Parson a call at 573 751 3222. Ask him to show some actual leadership and issue executive orders to protect our state from the killer disease and the economic fallout.

Because if we act now, we'll be able to look back and say, "That wasn't so bad."

If we don't, this worse than anything we've ever seen.