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Meet Dave

I am a veteran, a husband, a father, and a grandfather. I hail from St. Charles, Missouri, and first came to Boone County for school at Mizzou in 1977. I played music, taught philosophy, tended a vineyard, and drove delivery trucks to pay the bills. I am a Pro-Choice gun owner who supports "Red Flag" laws and universal background checks. I believe in public non-sectarian schools, local school boards, and county boards of health. I believe in health care for all of us, I believe in labor unions, I believe in sustainable agriculture, and I believe in our diversity as moral equals in a Republic. I still believe in the Four Freedoms: Of Speech, Of Worship, From Fear, From Want.

Prioritizing The Issues You Care About

Public Safety
Local Control

I'll be back to say more here, but be assured: I believe in local school boards, county boards of health, and regional libraries, all run by the people who live in the communities they serve.

Fiscal Responsibility

The words "fiscal responsibility" in the matter of discussing Republican tax policies set me to laughing so much, I don't know what to put here yet.

Reproductive Rights
Transparency and Ethics

Transparency and Ethics and Republicans in Jefferson City? Yeah, I'm laughing. I'll have to come back to this....