About Samantha Deaton

Samantha moved to Battlefield, Missouri at six years old and was a student in the Republic school district. She was raised by a strong, single mother who worked hard and found herself in the same position many Missourians do; too much money to qualify for social services, but struggling without them. Samantha's family was greatly impacted by healthcare costs, the recession, and rising economic inequality, all things that have an influence on her opinions and positions today.

As a student long interested in government and leadership positions, Samantha was selected in sixth grade to attend the Junior National Youth Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. for a jumpstart in learning about a career in leadership. As an alum to this conference, Samantha was also invited to the Presidential Youth Inaugural Conference in eighth grade where she attended the first inauguration of President Barack Obama. Hearing speeches from the likes of Colin Powell and Buzz Aldrin, seeing historical marvels at the Smithsonian museums, and walking the Capitol steps were formative experiences that inspired her love of country and career today.

In college, Samantha studied psychology and political science with an emphasis in international relations at Pittsburg State University in Kansas. This is where she met her partner Joshua, and they returned to Battlefield to raise their daughter, Kara. Since college, Samantha has worked in childcare, started her own small cottage bakery business, and spent time as a stay at home mom.

Samantha has wanted to be a legislator since walking those capitol steps at just eleven years old, but she also sees public service as a duty. In 2021 she took the first step into local politics by running for the Board of Aldermen in Battlefield. She won that election in April of 2021 and has proudly served her community on the board.

Samantha feels privileged to have grown up in a home without any obvious political leanings. She comes by her opinions and views on her own, based on her life experiences and education. Her experience as a stay at home mom gives her the resolution to fight for healthcare that isn't solely dependent on employment status. Her time working in childcare and after-school programs gives her a firsthand exposure to the impacts of funding essential social services for families. Her childhood as the third born to a single mother who struggled to get ahead because of medical bills assures her that the fight against dishonest, profiteering insurance companies is well founded.

Samantha is ready to take this next step to fight for Missouri's hard working citizens. She has been in this community her entire life, and she's prepared to advocate for her neighbors. Fighting against the status quo is never easy, and we will need all the help we can get. Donate if you can, sign up for the email list, sign up to volunteer. Thank you in advance for your support.