About Shirley Mata

After growing up in the area, Shirley Mata spent several years living on a military base with her husband after he was stationed overseas. Shortly after moving back to Clay County, Shirley started work at the Ford plant in Claycomo where her father had worked for 30 years. She joined United Auto Workers Local 249 and has also enjoyed a fulfilling career of almost 30 years working for Ford. During her time with the UAW, Shirley has had the privilege of working closely with her peers on a wide range of issues impacting families connected to the plant and working families across Missouri. She was elected as Recording Secretary for her union and served the position for six years.

Close to retirement, Shirley decided to run for State Representative because we desperately need a legislature working on behalf of the middle class, not special interests or large corporations. As a UAW worker and a mother, Shirley understands the unique challenges that affect working people. She also understands the value and benefit that organized labor has provided for herself and for her community in Clay County. Shirley believes in the economic opportunity provided by hard work and the motivation to better our community by working together.

Shirley enjoys volunteering her time as a foster for Heart of America Humane Society. She has one daughter and currently resides in Kansas City with her many rescue dogs: Boogie, Max, Ewoke, Batman, and Luke.