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Re-elect Yolanda Young in Missouri's 22 District

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When others looked at Kansas City’s Ivanhoe neighborhood and saw a high-crime area filled with abandoned lots, Yolanda Young saw an opportunity for growth. Since the 1980s, Yolanda has worked alongside her neighbors to bring impactful, sustainable change to Ivanhoe, developing strong relationships with people in order to understand and address their concerns. Her leadership in the Ivanhoe Neighborhood council has brought about improvements in the area’s food desert status through the establishment of urban gardens, and she has helped develop health care and education initiatives for local families, youth, and elderly residents. As the representative for Missouri’s 22nd district, Yolanda will continue to focus on the people of Kansas City, working to increase economic growth provide better opportunities for education and civic engagement, and improve access to health care and other resources most needed in underserved communities. Help move Missouri forward and vote to re-elect Yolanda Young.

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Opioid Epidemic
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