Creating Sustainable Communities

A Vision for Climate and Environmental Action

I'm committed to building a future that is not only sustainable but thrives with renewable energy.

Transitioning to Renewable Energy

It's time to reduce carbon emissions and cut ties with fossil fuels. I will champion a gradual transition to renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and hydroelectric power, paving the way for a greener Missouri.

Boosting Energy Efficiency

We know that efficiency pays off, not only for our environment but for our pocketbooks. In Jefferson City, I'll advocate for energy efficiency programs, offering tax incentives and transfer payments for homeowners and businesses who upgrade to energy-efficient appliances, lighting, insulation, and energy sources to reduce costs and our carbon footprint.

Investing in Green Infrastructure

Green spaces are more than just pretty parks - they're our shields against extreme weather. Let's invest in green infrastructure projects beautifying our communities and boosting resilience. From sustainable farming to innovative stormwater management, we'll be ready for whatever Mother Nature sends us.

Advancing Public Transportation and Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Cars are essential in a rural district like ours, but they pose a significant challenge regarding carbon emissions. I'll support public transportation expansion and EV infrastructure development to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Locally Grown, Locally Savored

Nothing's quite like locally grown food. By encouraging local food production through community gardens, sustainable farming, and vibrant farmers' markets, we'll work to reduce the carbon footprint of food transportation and bolster the district's food security.

Planning for Climate Resiliency

We must be prepared for the unpredictable. I'm dedicated to developing and implementing climate resilience plans with our communities, ensuring the safety of our residents and the protection of their property and livelihoods.

Growing Green Jobs

Our future isn't just green; it's bright, too. As your state representative, I'll make strides to promote the growth of green jobs in the renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability sectors. Through vocational education and job program investments, we can provide job opportunities that support our communities over the long haul.

Educating for a Sustainable Future

The first step in change is awareness, and that's why I will encourage investment in environmental education programs in our schools and communities, raising awareness about climate change and sustainable practices for the next generation.

Community Partnerships for a Greener Tomorrow

As your 48th district representative, I'll work to foster partnerships between local governments, businesses, and community organizations, allowing us to join forces on sustainability projects, share resources, and drive positive change together.

This is the vision - a sustainable 48th district where green energy, efficiency, and a commitment to preserving our environment take center stage. We can build a future we're proud to pass on to the next generation.