Working to grow our shared values and create positive change for hard-working Missouri families.
Mental Health & Addiction Treatment

In the heart of Missouri, there's an unseen battle against mental health disorders and addiction. Moreover, 100% of Missourians in the 48th district live in a mental health service and provider shortage area. I'm committed to addressing this by raising Medicaid reimbursement rates, expanding Medicaid access, holding private insurers accountable, and fostering a new generation of mental health professionals through scholarships. We'll also provide tax incentives to attract providers to underserved areas. Let's break the stigma, transform lives, and build a healthier, more vibrant Missouri.

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Defending Rural Public Schools

In Missouri, every child deserves a top-notch education—no matter where they live. I'm on a mission to defend our rural public schools against policies that would weaken them. My plan? Ensure we fully fund our schools, give our teachers the pay raise they deserve, and say 'no' to vouchers and open enrollment policies that don't serve all our students. Join me in fighting for a future where every student gets the quality education they're entitled to.

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Progressive Tax Plan

Imagine a Missouri where fairness and equity drive our tax system, ensuring the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share. The progressive tax plan I'm proposing aims to reverse the burden placed on the working class, creating a more just and efficient model. Challenging resistance from those who benefit from the status quo, it's time to prioritize everyday Missourians over corporate interests. This shift ends the unsustainable race to offer excessive tax breaks and instead invests in responsible corporations, driving economic growth and social responsibility. Small businesses are protected, and the revised tax structure ensures balanced revenue for vital programs, debunking the myth of trickle-down economics. Achieving this plan will take time, collaboration, and voter support, but it's the path to a brighter Missouri.

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Reproductive & Maternal Healthcare

In Missouri, it's high time to prioritize personal choice over government interference in reproductive healthcare. We must begin by repealing ultra-restrictive abortion bans that disproportionately impact marginalized communities and hinder safe access to essential healthcare. I'm committed to protecting your reproductive rights and bodily autonomy, ensuring access to comprehensive healthcare options, including safe abortion. Empowering individuals through choice, I'll work to expand access to contraceptives and bridge maternal health disparities. Let's focus on building a Missouri that prioritizes maternal and family well-being, not the maintenance of Republican political power, to create a brighter future for all.

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Nondiscrimination & Human Rights

I'm committed to championing inclusion and nondiscrimination. I'll support the Missouri Non-Discrimination Act (MONA), striving for equal protection under the law for the queer community. I'll also work to pass the Missouri CROWN Act to ban race- and appearance-based workplace discrimination and repeal the discriminatory Missouri SAFE Act. Discrimination has no place in our state. I'll confront the legislative trend empowering bigotry by fostering equity and creating a Missouri where everyone belongs, not regardless but because of their identity. It's time for justice and equity to prevail for all.

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Firearm Crime and Death Prevention

I strongly respect the Constitution and its protection of the right to bear arms and believe in safeguarding these constitutional rights. Unlike my opponent, I don't pick and choose which constitutional rights I will and won't protect. However, addressing firearm safety and violence prevention is crucial while preserving these rights. Supporting red flag laws is essential to temporarily remove guns from individuals in mental health crises and prevent access to firearms by those with violent or abusive histories. My focus includes addressing firearm suicides through safe storage requirements while ensuring easy transfer or removal amid mental health crises with ease of return upon stabilization. Prioritizing the safety of our children, I'll advocate for practical and common-sense gun laws rather than turning our schools into fortresses. We must find a middle ground in the gun debate, fostering civil conversations between gun owners and advocates of firearm restrictions to ensure public safety without infringing on responsible gun ownership.

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Creating Sustainable Communities

I'm dedicated to a sustainable future that thrives on renewable energy. This means gradually transitioning to clean energy sources, boosting efficiency through incentives for energy-saving upgrades, investing in resilient green infrastructure, advancing public transportation and electric vehicles to reduce emissions, supporting local food production for a smaller carbon footprint, and planning for climate resilience. As your representative, I'll promote green job growth, prioritize environmental education, and foster community partnerships for a greener tomorrow. Together, we can create a sustainable 48th district, leading the way in renewable energy, efficiency, and environmental preservation for future generations.

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Expanding Broadband Access

In our digital age, equitable access to the internet is paramount. I'm committed to ensuring that every corner of the 48th District has high-speed broadband. This means state investment in infrastructure, strong partnerships with the private sector, and grants and tax incentives to attract and support investment. We can empower local solutions with community broadband cooperatives and streamlined state regulations. As your state representative, I will work tirelessly to bridge the digital divide and bring equitable internet access to all in the 48th.

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More Coming Soon

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