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Vote Joe Jefferies: Championing A Brighter 48th

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Meet Joe

I'm Joe Jefferies, a student of social work, peer specialist, advocate, and your next Representative for Missouri's 48th House District. With a passion for social justice and a vision of fairness and equality, I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and tackle the pressing issues our district faces.

From affordable housing and equitable healthcare to disaster resilience and reproductive rights, I'll work tirelessly to ensure our community thrives. Join me in building a brighter future for Missouri.

Prioritizing The Issues You Care About

Mental Health & Addiction Treatment
Defending Rural Public Schools
Progressive Tax Plan
Reproductive & Maternal Healthcare
Nondiscrimination & Human Rights
Firearm Crime and Death Prevention
Creating Sustainable Communities
Expanding Broadband Access
More Coming Soon

Stay tuned for more on Joe's positions on the issues impacting the 48th District and Missouri.