Defending Rural Public Schools

The Backbone of Our Communities

Education is the cornerstone of a thriving community and the foundation for our children's future. In Missouri's 48th, our commitment to education means ensuring that every child, regardless of their background, has access to excellent public schools right in their communities—whether they have a population of 8,000 or 800.

Fully Funded Foundation and Transportation Formula

Quality education requires proper funding, so I'll fight for a fully funded foundation and transportation formula. Our rural schools must have the necessary resources to foster student success and provide safe, reliable transportation to and from school.

Fighting Against School Vouchers and Open Enrollment

I firmly oppose school vouchers and open enrollment policies that unfairly siphon funds from public schools. Such policies often benefit the wealthy, leaving our low-income and marginalized students with fewer resources and support. We must focus on strengthening the schools that serve every community member, not just a select few.

While I stand against policies that drain vital resources from our rural schools, I recognize the unique challenges faced by families of children with disabilities. Often, these families find that their children's specific needs are not fully met in underfunded public school settings. We must fight for our schools to be adequately funded so that every child can have their needs addressed within their home communities.

However, I am committed to supporting pathways that ensure parents, children, and educators can collaborate to find the best solutions for meeting a child's unique needs and helping them reach their full potential. This includes advocating for specific carveouts for vouchers for children with disabilities, ensuring they have access to schools equipped to offer the specialized support they deserve.

Raising Teacher Pay

Our educators are the heart of our schools. Currently ranked 50th in the nation for teacher pay, Missouri can and must do better. I am committed to increasing teacher salaries to attract and retain the best educators for our kids—they are shaping our future leaders and deserve to be compensated fairly for their indispensable work.

Boosting Mental Health Support in Schools

Mental health is as crucial as physical health in our children's growth. I will work to improve the availability and accessibility of school counselors and psychologies, moving beyond the inadequate current student-to-counselor ratio. Every student should have access to the mental health support they need to succeed both academically and personally.

Join me in defending and supporting our rural public schools. Together, we can ensure that our district's schools are places where every student thrives and every family feels supported.