Reproductive Healthcare and Maternal Health Equity

Championing Rights and Equity

On Reproductive Healthcare...

Repeal Restrictive Abortion Bans

Our journey starts with the repeal of Missouri's ultra-restrictive abortion bans. We've seen extreme abortion bans that limit access, even in cases of rape, incest, or medical need. These laws disproportionately impact rural and low-income communities, limiting safe and legal access to necessary reproductive healthcare. Instead of prioritizing healthcare, Missouri Republicans, including my opponent, have imposed burdensome restrictions to maintain their political power. I stand firmly with your right to make your own choices about your reproductive health, free from government interference.

Protection of Reproductive Rights and Bodily Autonomy

Your reproductive rights are your own - period. I'm committed to safeguarding these rights, ensuring access to a full spectrum of reproductive healthcare options, including family planning, contraception, and safe and legal abortion. Your choices should always be yours to make.

Access to Contraceptives

Empowerment through choice is a fundamental principle. In Jefferson City, I will work to expand access to a wide range of contraceptives, making sure individuals can make choices that suit their unique needs. This includes advocating for insurance coverage, affordable and accessible access, and educational programs to inform our communities of all available, safe contraceptive options.

Supporting Maternal Health Equity

It's time to bridge the alarming disparities women of color face in maternal healthcare. I will advocate for policies that address systemic biases and provide equal access to quality care during pregnancy and childbirth. Every mother deserves the best healthcare, no matter her background.

Fiscal Responsibility

It's perplexing to witness legislation and legal action that costs taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend against Constitutional challenges while essential budget items like school transportation face budget shortfalls. It's time for fiscal responsibility that puts Missourian's well-being and bodily autonomy first.

As your state representative, my pledge is clear: to stand with women and people who can become pregnant for the right to make the best decisions about their health and their lives. Together, we can build a Missouri where reproductive healthcare, maternal health equity, and fiscal responsibility come together to create a brighter future for all.