Firearm Crime, Violence, and Death Prevention

No One's Treading On You.

Respect for Second Amendment Rights

I strongly believe in the Constitution and its protection of individuals' right to keep and bear arms. As a candidate for elected office and American, I respect the Constitution and the constitutional rights of citizens. Unlike my opponent, I don't believe I get to choose which constitutional rights I do and do not support for which people. Therefore, it's vital to ensure that we protect these rights while addressing the critical issues related to firearm safety and violence prevention. Apathy was never and is not now an appropriate or effective solution.

Supporting Red Flag Laws

We must implement red flag laws that temporarily remove guns from individuals experiencing mental health crises. These laws are crucial in maintaining public safety by preventing individuals in crisis from accessing firearms. Additionally, it is essential to have measures to permanently prohibit individuals who are violent or have a history of domestic abuse from owning guns.

Common Sense Limitations on Assault-Style Weapons, High-Capacity Magazines, and Other Militarizing Firearm Augmentation

The gun debate has often been framed as an all-or-nothing proposition, but the truth is that there's a middle ground that respects the rights of gun owners while ensuring public safety. We need to foster open and civil conversations between gun owners and advocates of firearm restrictions because the current unregulated access to military-style weapons, high-capacity magazines, and the like is not the answer. It's time to find sensible solutions and common sense limitations on assault-style weapons, high-capacity magazines, and other militarizing firearm augmentations that balance responsible gun ownership and public safety.

Staunchly Anti-Suicide

We must address the issue of firearm suicides with the utmost seriousness and urgency. Individuals in active mental health crises should not have easy access to firearms. To encourage responsible firearm ownership, we should ensure safe storage requirements and that guns are readily transferrable and retrievable from family members or safe storage facilities. This approach avoids the complexity of other states' restrictive gun laws and provides specific carve-outs to protect individuals in mental health crises.

Pro Safe Schools

The safety of our children should be a top priority. I recently read a post by a Missouri teacher detailing a conversation between two elementary school students who said they don't drink water at school so they wouldn't be in the bathroom when a shooter came. This is unacceptable. We need practical and common-sense gun laws to safeguard our children. Instead of turning schools into fortresses, we must adopt gun laws that promote safety and peace of mind. Period.

Remaining Reasonable

Above all, the key to a safer Missouri, free from firearm crime, violence, and death, is maintaining an open and reasonable dialogue. Guns are a part of the identity of many Missourians, including those in the 48th district, and this should be respected. Engaging in meaningful conversations with all stakeholders is the only way forward, allowing us to find common ground and pursue effective policies that protect our rights and enhance public safety.